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Our mission is to help children achieve and believe in themselves.  We are committed to serving children and their families.  We feel each child is unique and each one is special to us.  Our highly trained therapists will design a program based on each child's strengths and weaknesses. 


We have been in operation since 2001.  We are equipped to help with each step of your child's personal program. We firmly feel that a child who is in a relaxed and comfortable environment during their session makes it much more beneficial to them. 


Our goal is to help each child reach their fullest potential.

School Based Therapy

We are contracted with local school districts to provide related services.

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Understanding Disorders

All children are unique.  Those with special needs or disorders experience the world differently.  The more we learn about each disorder, the better we can treat each child and help them to succeed in their future.


We welcome you to contact us and discuss furthering your child's successful future on their therapy journey.


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