I have been working at Kidswork since 2005 and in 2007 I bought the business.  Before that, I began my career as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in 1993.  I then received a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy from Penn State University in 2003.  I have experience in geriatrics, rehab and pediatric therapy.  Most of my experience is in school based and clinic based pediatric therapy.  I am Reiki 1 certified, a certified Handwriting Without Tears instructor, and SIPT (Sensory Integration Praxis Test) certified.  I have extensive knowledge and continuing education in the area of torticollis.  

Both Janine and I run the behind the scenes management and everyday workings of the business.  We are also providing supervision and guidance to all staff within all of the school systems.  I enjoy spending time with my family and being active in my church. 

We have some of the best of the best therapists and staff.  Each member is unique with all the specific training and knowledge they possess however, we all share one common bond and that is making sure that each child succeeds in their treatment, making sure that each family and school district is treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.  We believe in all our kids and give our full undivided attention to them during therapy.  Our therapists become integral parts of the school team and work well in multidisciplinary teams. 

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CHRISTA BROPHY, OTR/L  Co-Owner and Operator, Occupational Therapist

JANINE MCWILLIAMS, MS, OTR/L  Co-owner and Operator, Occupational Therapist

I graduated from College Misericordia in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy.  I have worked in pediatrics since graduation in both school based and clinic based settings.  I began my career at Kidswork in 2008 as a per diem therapist and was hired in 2010 as staff therapist working both in the schools and in the clinic.  I bought into the business in 2011 and have enjoyed watching Kidswork grow and develop over the past several years. I have experience and continuing education in the areas of Handwriting Without Tears, the Alert Program, Autism, School-based therapy practices, supervision and Neurodevelopment.  I am a Certified Drums Alive instructor. In the past I have taught courses on Child Development, as well as Intervention and previously courses on Neurodevelopment as an adjunct faculty member at Misericordia University.  Besides working with Christa managing the business side of things I love getting into the schools and working with the staff and school personal as often as I can.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 very active sons, vacationing, spending time at our family cabin, spending time with friends and family and remaining active in my church. I became an Occupational Therapist because I love helping others.  I love sharing knowledge with others to help them be as independent as possible and to assist other staff to help children succeed in their environments. 

I graduated from Elizabethtown College in 2008 receiving a Bachelor of science in Health & Occupation in 2007, Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy in 2008.   I started at Kidswork in January of 2014.   My current experience includes pediatric therapy from ages birth to 21 including: early intervention, aquatic therapy, school based, and outpatient therapy including a variety of diagnoses. I also have management experience, and geriatric experience in both skilled nursing and assisted living care along with a master clinician certification in dementia.   I recently published a social story titled, “Pirates of the Caribootin” to help teach independent shoe tying.  I love sharing the book & shoe tying techniques. I also have a continued interest in benefits of yoga practices and techniques for the classroom & have a certification as a yoga instructor.   I love spending time with my husband Josh and sons Braxton & Beau. I also love exploring, anything that makes me laugh, spending time with  friends and family, listening to music, attending local events, cooking, and trying new things/experiences.  I went into this field because it brings me so much joy to help children become more independent and successful throughout tasks they are presented with. The smiles on their faces fills my heart!

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Bethanie Allen, MS, OTR/L  Occupational Therapist


I graduated from Chatham University in 2011 with a Masters of Occupational Therapy after completing a BA of Health Science from Arcadia University in 2008. I started with Kidswork in November of 2016.  Upon graduating from Chatham University I worked in adult acute rehab facility followed by a nursing home for 2 years. I spent several years working at Janet Weis Children’s Hospital at GMC. There I provided outpatient occupational therapy, inpatient occupational therapy and I was a member of the feeding team. I have worked for Kidswork since November of 2016 in the schools as well as their outpatient clinic prior to its closure.  I continue to have an interest in complex medical needs and comprehensive care surrounding children and young adults. I am interested in building life and functional skills in the school setting to help students become as independent as possible as they transition to the community after graduation. In addition, neurodevelopment and feeding continue to be an area of interest.   When not working I enjoy being outside with my family, running and going on vacations.   I continue to love my profession and specific area of focus in the schools because I love seeing my kids succeed and get excited when they master their goals. In addition, in what other job is it ok to get messy, play in sand, write upside down, and have new experiences everyday!

Sarah Lydic, MOT, OTR/L  Occupational Therapist

Victoria Wolfe,  COTA Occupational Therapy Assistant

I graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology/ 2021.   I received an Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant.  I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Applied Health Studies with a minor in psychology and I intend to graduate December of 2021.  I began  Kidswork August 2021.  My first level 1 fieldwork was with Kidswork Therapy at Shikellamy school district. I also completed level 1 fieldwork at Albright Life and a Community Service Group center. I completed my initial level 2 fieldwork at a Phoenix Rehabilitation clinic followed by a second level 2 fieldwork session in a school setting.  I chose occupational therapy as my profession because I love to help others and I love that I am able to be creative within this profession. I chose to work in pediatrics because I love to work with children. Being able to watch the children/students grow and succeed is such a rewarding feeling.  As I am a recent graduate, I look forward to starting my career with Kidswork and expanding my knowledge and skills.   I enjoy going to the gym, traveling, playing with my dogs, and spending time with my family and friends.  

Melissa Engle,  COTA/L Occupational Therapy Assistant

I have been with Kidswork since 2003.  I started my career as a clinic therapist and am now a full-time school based therapist working within the Shikellamy Area School district.  I graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology with an associates degree in Applied Science in completion of the major of Occupational Therapy Assistant.  My experiences include but are not limited to school based and outpatient pediatric therapy including a variety of diagnoses, aquatic therapy, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and Interactive Metronome.  I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, gardening, and crafts.

Morgan Herbster, COTA/L Occupational Therapy Assistant

I graduated from Central Penn College in 2017 with an Associates in Occupational Therapy.  I started with Kidswork in September 2019.  I’ve been in the school system my whole 3 years of experience.  I have extra experience with students with severe autism after working at a private school strictly for students with severe autism.  I am currently in school for a bachelors degree in behavioral health science.  I enjoy hanging out with my family, friends, and my animals. Watching Netflix shows are my go to hobby. I also enjoy traveling and have been to multiple countries around the world!   My little brother is my why. When he was little, I used to attend his OT sessions and thought it was “fun” playing with him and his OT. Later in life when I was thinking about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, those times kept coming back to me and I saw how OT helped him tremendously!

Mary Kate Kirby, COTA/L Occupational Therapy Assistant

I graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2015.  I received an Associate of Applied Science.  I started at Kidswork in August 2016.   The year before, I started my journey with Kidswork as a level 2 student.  As a student, I knew this was where I was meant to be. A few months after graduation and completion of my certification exam, I was offered a position with Kidswork Therapy and have been here ever since! I gained a second family with all my co-workers at Kidswork— I truly feel we have the best team!   I am a school based therapist. I am very interested in gaining certification and/or knowledge with art and music and the incorporation and benefits they have in students with disabilities. Working with children is my true passion in life!!   I really enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends. My hobbies include arts and crafts, music and sports. I love to travel.  I have a facebook and instagram page where I highlight all of the fun we have in OT! 

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I graduated from Penn College in August 2013 with an Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy.  I started at Kidswork in August 2017.  After graduating from the COTA program at Penn College I began my OT career in the skilled nursing facility setting for about 2 years.  I have had experience in the long-term care setting, home health setting and pediatric setting.  Working for Kidswork has been my favorite position throughout my career.  I currently am based in the school setting within my hometown.  I look forward to coming to work and working with students and faculty.  It is the most rewarding feeling to be helping students and watching them grow and achieve and overcome so many obstacles in this stage of life.   I enjoy learning new treatment strategies from co-workers and our in-services provided from Kidswork.  They are very beneficial to our field and always changing!  It’s always nice to learn new things pertaining to our work environment.  I enjoy traveling and spending as much time with family and friends.  I am a soon to be mommy and looking forward to the next adventure!

Stephanie Lagerman, COTA/L Occupational Therapy Assistant

I graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology in 2012 with an Associates Degree in Applied Health Science: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.  I began at Kidswork in 2012 as a level 2 fieldwork student and was hired upon completion of fieldwork placements.   I have worked in the clinic and as a school-based therapist. I am currently working in the Montgomery Area School district and the Shikellamy Area School District.   I have experience in Handwriting without Tears and Size Matters handwriting programs.   Outside of work I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my 2 children Nabela and Drevin. We are a very active family spending most of our time outdoors. We enjoy hiking, riding bikes, swimming and riding 4 wheelers. I enjoy cooking, traveling, music and art.   I have always known that I wanted to work with children and when I discovered the world of OT I knew it was for me.  I love watching my student grow and learn from year to year.

Patti Connelly, COTA/L  Occupational Therapy Assistant

Jessica Rinehimer, COTA/L  Occupational Therapy Assistant

I graduated from Pennsylvania college of technology in 2011 with an Associates in Occupational Therapy Assistant and in 2018 with a  Bachelors of Applied Health. I started at Kidswork in May of 2019.  My experience includes school based K-12 pediatric therapy, Home based pre-k therapy, Home based ABA instructional aide.   My interests include autistic support programming and treatment, multiple disabilities programming, applied behavioral analysis and OT and Sensory integration theory and programming.  A little about me:I am 31 years old.  I live with my fiancé and our two dogs, Peaches and PJ.  I enjoy crafting, painting, and redoing old furniture!  I do what I do because I love helping people.  I love helping children achieve their goals.  I love advocating for them. I love assisting parents and teachers. I just LOVE my job!!!

Cassidy Yeager, COTA/L  Occupational Therapy Assistant

I graduated from Penn State Berks, Class of 2020 and received an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy.  I started with at Kidswork in August 2020 after completing my level 2 fieldwork with Kidsow  My experience includes school based therapy since graduation.  I look forward to further education/certifications in the future to expand my knowledge and practice.   I enjoy spending time with my dog, Jasper, and the other important people in my life.   I wasn’t sure that becoming an OTA was the right direction for me, but after my fieldwork experiences I know that it was meant to be! I really enjoy being creative and interacting with the children where I can see a positive change from week to week!

Cassandra Brungard, MOT, OTR/L  Occupational Therapist

I completed both my undergraduate and graduate education at Saint Francis University.  I received my Bachelor of Science degree in 2020 and my Master of Occupational Therapy in 2021.  I started my career as a new graduate Occupational Therapist with Kidswork in October 2021, just a few months after graduation!  My clinical experience throughout my education included school based, inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient hand therapy. As a new practitioner, my experience includes school based and skilled nursing facilities.  My strongest field interest is sensory integration and how it affects children’s performance in school functioning!  A fun fact about me is I’m 23 years old and I studied abroad to France my sophomore year of college and was able to travel throughout Spain, Italy, Amsterdam, and many cities around France during my 3 month stay! I love being outdoors kayaking in the summer and crocheting blankets in the winter! I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends and my kitten, Juno!


Lindsey Stahl, DPT  Physical Therapist

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Rehab Science and from Chatham University in 2009 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  I started at Kidswork  in September of 2016.  My experience includes Geriatric Rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, and pediatrics.  My interests include neuro-rehabilitation, transition of care for individuals with disabilities, and orthotics.  My recent continuing education includes motor learning principles for school based therapists, determining student’s need for PT/OT in school and embedding PT services in general ed classroom.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 children as well as going to the beach, camping, going for walks outside, baking, and attending church with my family.  I went into this field because I love to see the difference I am making to each student I work with.  I can see that I am making a difference in their lives when I have taught them how to catch a ball so they can play with their friends at recess or when I have trained their caregiver in how to have them stand in a stander daily and this improves their leg range of motion.

I graduated from Thomas Jefferson University in1997 with a MSPT and Temple University in 2005 with a DPT.  I started at Kidswork in November 2009.  My experience includes Saint Louis University Hospital Acute care 1997-1998, Susquehanna Physical Therapy Associates 1998-2001, CSIU 2001-2010, Kidswork 2009 to present, Evangelical Hospital Acute care 2017 to present Per Diem.  My interests in the field include Safe Transportation of student with special needs & experience working with children with Duchenne’s MD.   Why do I chose to work in the school you ask, because I truly love my job!  I love to work with the kids, plan activities, decide on new equipment, and interact with the team to provide the best educational experience possible for my students.  My goals for PT:  integrate into their school day, make it fun, help to improve their quality of life, and encourage independence.  I am a mother of 3 children.  I love to run, play golf, quilt, sew, travel, and watch Kansas Jayhawk Basketball.  I have worked in the area of pediatrics for 21 years primarily in the school system.

Sarah Patte, MSPT/DPT  Physical Therapist


I graduated from Penn State University, 2005 and Temple University, 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences & Disorders, Master of Arts in Speech-Language-Hearing.  I started at Kidswork in August 2020.  I am experienced in both adult and pediatric settings, including rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, public and private schools.  My interests include school-age language and articulation development and social pragmatic skills.   I keep busy with my 3 children (Ronan-7, Reed, 5 and Magnolia 2), 2 dogs, and 4 barn kitties. I spend lots of time working with my husband fixing up our new “farm,” and thoroughly enjoy home renovation (I’m crazy!) In my spare time, I enjoy running a small side business, baking, and exercising (when I have the energy).  I chose this field because from a young age, I always knew I wanted to help people. I thought about going into the medical field to become a doctor or nurse, but decided early on, I wouldn’t be able to handle blood. My dad introduced me to the idea of speech  therapy during a college visit to Penn State and I decided to go for it. I love that as a speech therapist, we have the opportunity to work with so many different populations, ages, settings, and disorders. It is incredibly rewarding to help others improve their ability to communicate.therapy during a college visit to Penn State and I decided to go for it. I love that as a speech therapist, we have the opportunity to work with so many different populations, ages, settings, and disorders. It is incredibly rewarding to help others improve their ability to communicate.

Missy McCabe, MA CCC-SLP  Speech and Language Pathologist


Alexis Erb, M.S., CF-SLP   Speech and Language Pathologist

I graduated from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with my Bachelor of Science in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology with a concentration in individuals with exceptionalities in 2019. Then I went on to complete my Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology in 2021 at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania as well.  I started working at Kidswork in June 2021 to complete my clinical fellowship year.  I am currently working at the Lewisburg Area School District, specifically in the High School, Middle School, and Intermediate School.  I am particularly interested in school aged language development and social pragmatics. I really enjoy helping school-aged students to expand their understanding of the language. I find it to be a very crucial time in children’s lives.  Sometimes pragmatic skills don’t always come naturally, so I like to supply students with the tools and skill set necessary to make them successful in social situations.  I like to spend as much time as I can with my fiancé, Ryan, fur-baby, Jax and overall family. We enjoy traveling to new places, boating on the river, and warm days at the beach.  

Sue Mazol, TVI   Teacher of the Visually Impaired 

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Lois Lingousky, Teacher of the Blind and Visually Impaired

I graduated from Kutztown State College in1979 with a BS in Education for Elementary School and Education of the Visually Impaired;  I then received a MS in Special Education, Exceptional Persons from Bloomsburg University in1984. I started with Kidswork in August 2018.    For 40 years, I have been an itinerant teacher for students who are blind or visually impaired.  I worked for the CSIU from August 1979 until my retirement in July 2018.  I was hired by Kidswork in August of 2018, to work on an hourly basis with blind and visually impaired students in the Central Columbia School District.  My interests include being a Member of the Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired.   I enjoy working with children in the school setting and at church.  I love to cook and bake, garden, read, do counted cross stitch, and visit with my family.   Having retired in 2018 from the CSIU, I am pleased to continue my teaching experience on a part-time basis working with students who are blind and visually impaired.  I enjoy education and the school setting. 

Peg Gerdy  Special Education Teacher

I graduated from Mansfield University (1978) with a Bachelor of Science Mentally/Physically Handicapped K-12, and from Bloomsburg University (1993) with a Masters in Behavior Disorders with fifteen additional credits.  I started at Kidswork in February 2016.  I have been teaching for 38 years – 10 years MDS K-6, 20 years Life skills K-6 and 6-8, 8 years Developmental K-1-2 and 4 years providing In Home Services to students that are medically fragile.  I am an avid reader.  I enjoy puzzles, jigsaw, word, number trivia.  Refinishing furniture, arts and crafts and spending time with family.  I love the beach.  I continue to enjoy working with MDS population and to find unique ways to increase potential.


Barbara Morgan  BSEd, MEd

I graduated Mansfield State College, 1980; Bloomsburg University, 1992 with a MSC, BSEd (Mentally and Physically Handicapped); BU, MEd (Learning Disabilities).  I began Kidswork  June 2, 2021.  I have experience teaching all areas of special education: Learning Disabilities, Life Skills, Multi-Disabilities, Emotional Support, Autism Spectrum Disorder. My expertise is in working with students with social/emotional needs, as well as those students who are considered to have high functioning autism.  Most of my recent continuing education credits have been trainings in trauma informed care and in teaching students with autism.  I love spending time with family and friends. My husband and I love to camp (actually we ”Glamp!”) when we get a chance. We love to cruise and have visited the Caribbean on several cruises with a cruises to Alaska and Bermuda already planned for Summer 2022. I like to do Zumba, listen to music, read, and do puzzles.


Megin King  Accountant/Human Resources 

I graduated from Susquehanna University in 2005 and received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  I started at Kidswork in October of 2007.   I currently handle the accounting and human resources for Kidswork.  My role involves accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, on boarding and coordinating employee benefits.  My interest in accounting and human resources lies in serving as a link between data and how it affects the daily operations of the business.  I fulfill yearly continuing education requirements to maintain my enrolled agent status.  This includes credits in business ethics, financial management and tax law.   My husband John and I have 2 young adult children.  Most days it feels like our home has a revolving door.  We spend a lot of time playing games as a family when everyone is at home.  I enjoy long walks (especially in the fall), reading and “art from the heart”.   I enjoy working with and organizing data to support the owners in making  financial  and  employee  related decisions.     I especially find fulfillment in serving in an  organization whose goal is to empower children by seeking ways to assist in their individual needs.  

Susan Bolig, Administrative Assistant

I started working for Kidswork Therapy Center in December 2019 as a Billing Specialist and now as their Administrative Assistant. Even though I have only been employed with Kidswork for a short time, my youngest son received therapies, for many years at Kidswork. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years old and I always felt the Therapists at Kidswork were very passionate, caring and dedicated to their work. In 2011, I started the Strikers Bowling Team for children with Special Needs. I like to read and go for walks with my dog. I also have 2 other adult children and 5 grandchildren, who keep me very busy. I am happy to be a part of the Kidswork team.